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Illuminati 2024

Table Tennis


Throughout the Official TABLE TENNIS Rules, all references made to a player, coach, official, etc. in the male gender also apply to the female gender. It must be understood that this is done for practical reasons only.



1st – 20,000
2nd– 8,000
Registration Fees: Rs.200

  • For each game, the first player to reach 11 points win that game,
  • However a game must be won by at least a two point margin.
  • The referee’s decision will be the final decision.
  • The number of players required in the team will be as follows: For Boys: Minimum 4.
    For Girls: Minimum 4.
  • The format of the tournament would be such as:
  • The matches (1 Singles match) would be played between the competing teams for both categories (i.e. Boys and Girls).
  • Out of the two players who played the singles matches, only one.
  • Except for the finals, all other matches would be a best games match (Boys) and one set match (Girls).
  • Final matches for Boys would be best of 3 set matches and for Girls would be a best of 21 games match.
  • The call of referee would be final and is not questionable. In case of bad Game, the referee makes the final decision.
  • Teams competing must report at the court at least 10 minutes before the start of their match.
  • All other rules would be followed as per TFI Rulebook.
  • The tournament shall be played in Swathing Cup lines in Men and Davis cup lines in Women section. The order of the play shall be given by the chief referee before commencements of the matches
  • The result of a match shall be declared when either team wins 3 matches in men and wins 3 matches in women.
  • The number of players representing a college shall not be less than three or more than Five There shall be two Inter-Collegiate Table Tennis Tournaments – one for team championship. The Team Championship shall be played on One Zone and Knock-out basis.
  • The Tournament Committee shall decide draws & seeding.
  • Each participating college shall nominate a Captain who will be one of the members of the team.
  • For Championship each college shall be permitted to send only one entries for both Category
  • Preliminary rounds of the tournament up to Quarter finals stage shall be played as best of three sets and there after the rounds from Quarter finals stage shall be played as best of 3 sets.
  • The cost of ball in a match shall be borne by the respective participating colleges Quality and make of the ball shall be decided by the university.

Faculty Co-ordinators :


Prof. Samkit Shah,

+91 9879327236,,

Mechatronics dept. SOTE.


Prof. Mihir Shah,

+91 9727540572,

Mechanical dept. SOTE.

1. Scan QR Code and pay registration fees using any payment app.
2. Take a screen shot of payment receipt.
3. Scan QR Code for registration form, fill it and upload payment receipt.

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