Illuminati 2024

Illuminati 2024


Embark on an immersive tech adventure with ITMBU’s SNAKES AND LADDER 2.0. Navigate the life-sized game field, where participants become the game pieces, rolling a giant tech-infused dice. As you ascend ladders and evade serpentine challenges, be prepared to tackle intriguing technical questions. Ready to level up your knowledge while conquering this epic coding terrain?


1st – 3,000
2nd– 2000
Registration Fees: Rs.100



  • Each game will take place for a maximum of 20 minutes, with 6 teams playing in a game.
  • Each team will have 2 members, who will take the place of the board piece.
  • Questions will be asked to the contestants each time they encounter a snake or a ladder.
  • The difficulty of question will increase and after 60-70 squares



  • First team to reach the end of the board is declared winner and the game ends.
  • If a game takes more than 20 minutes to complete then the team which has progressed the furthest is declared the
    winner and the game ends.
  • When a team lands on a snake, the team whose turn comes after them are allowed to choose the question for the
    current team from a group of unseen questions. If the current team answers correctly, they are not penalized for
    landing on a snake. However, an incorrect answer will get them penalized and the team will follow the snake down.
  • When a team lands on a ladder, they will choose their own question from a group of unseen questions and similarly, a
    correct answer will allow them to take the ladder up. If answered incorrectly, they cannot climb the ladder.
  • All other rules are as per the classic Snakes and Ladders.


Note: Failure to adhere to the above rules may result in disqualification from the event.

Faculty Co-ordinators :


Riya Modi,

+91 8320149846,


Aniket Vaghela,

+91 9601948109,

Student Co-ordinators :


Riya Singh,

+91 8849207312,


Nupur Panchal,

+91 9875052565,

1. Scan QR Code and pay registration fees using any payment app.
2. Take a screen shot of payment receipt.
3. Scan QR Code for registration form, fill it and upload payment receipt.

Registration QR Code

Payment Registration QR Code