Illuminati 2024

Illuminati 2024

Clinical Case Study

Event Description

This event helps in evaluating clinical pharmacy knowledge and analytical skill of the student. A clinical case will be provided to the student. Using the literature, the participants have to provide answers to the questions pertaining to diagnosis and therapy.


Maximum 2 participants are allowed per team.


1st – 5,000
2nd– 3,000
Registration Fees: Rs.100



For participants: Pen paper, chart papers, etc

General Rules

The event will take place in 3 rounds:


Round I: General Round:


In the first round each group will be given a separate question wherein they have to figure out the first line of treatment. Students will be given 30 mins time to solve the question. Shortlisted candidates will move to the second round.


Round II: Drug Interactions and Adverse drug events:


Questions based on drug interactions and adverse drug reaction will be asked and shortlisted candidate will move to the final round


Round III: Final Round: Clinical Case study: 


A full fiedged clinical case study will be provided to the shortlisted groups. During this time, students can access internet as well as standard books for analysing the case.

The team will have to present their analysis through handwritten descriptive mode or verbal mode where the logic for interpretation will be understood by the judge. As it is the final round, there will be an evaluation sheet for the participants. If there is a tie, then a tie breaker question will be given and based on that winner will be declared.


Time Limit for presentation: 10 minutes

Faculty event Co-ordinators :


Prof. Khushi Pathak,

+91 9426534970,


Prof. Nihali Jain,

+91 6260288593,


Faculty event chief Co-ordinators :


Dr. Jaswandi Mehetre,

+91 8320571370,

Student Co-ordinators :


Dhwani Shah,

+91 8200482671,


Aditi Patel,

+91 9054940507,

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2. Take a screen shot of payment receipt.
3. Scan QR Code for registration form, fill it and upload payment receipt.

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