Illuminati 2024

Illuminati 2024

Do you want to see how well you retained the basic concepts of Engineering you learned?

We’ve put together a quiz and case study that will test your knowledge of, and ability to apply, basic
engineering concepts and find a solution to the problem of societal interest.
So, buckle down, keep your heads down, and power through this chance to hone your skills.


1st – 5000
2nd– 3,000
Registration Fees: Rs.100

Rules and Regulations:


The format of the event is as follows:


Round 1: Quiz


  • To accomplish this, you’ll need a familiarity with some fundamentals of Engineering and their applications
  • The Quiz’s Format is Versatile (can include MCQs, numerical questions, diagram problems, etc.)
    Note: In case of a tie in the quiz, rapid fire will be conducted


Round 2: Case Study


  • The first-round qualifying groups will be eligible for this round
  • Team will be involved for 36 hours solving an industrial plant design problem before presenting their solutions to a panel of experts.
  • The onus is on the participants to grasp the issue at hand and offer creative responses to the questions posed.
  • Completed answers must be recorded in the provided answer books. In the event of a tie, rapid fire will be used to choose a winner.


Time Duration: 30 minutes

Rules of participation:

  • Students from all schools/branches with valid ID cards are eligible to participate in this event
  • Participation will be in teams with a minimum of two and a maximum of four
  • Teams can be formed by students from different branches too.
  • The registrations for the event will be done online by the respective coordinator
  • Round 2 will have a fair number of calculations, so the teams must bring scientific calculators.
    Rough sheets will be provided from the event organizers.
  • Under all circumstances, the decision of the judges will be considered
  • Any problems during the event should be conveyed to the event coordinators.


Facilities that can be availed during the competition:


Library of ITMBU (Valid ID card is compulsory) for students issuing the books and articles

Online resources from department.

Name of Coordinator:


Dr. Naval V. Koralkar,

+91 9819795644,


Dr. Raj Kumar,

+91 7807304020,

Student Coordinators:


Nayak Devesh,

+91 7874047238,

(Sem-III) B. Tech Chemical Engineering


Mali Shubham,

+91 8780836523,

(Sem-III) B. Tech Chemical Engineering

1. Scan QR Code and pay registration fees using any payment app.
2. Take a screen shot of payment receipt.
3. Scan QR Code for registration form, fill it and upload payment receipt.

Registration QR Code

Payment Registration QR Code