Illuminati 2024

Illuminati 2024

Best Out of Waste

Rules and Regulations for Participants:

  • A team shall consist of one to two members only.
  • Participants will be given 3 hours to show their creativity and 2 minutes to talk about the same.
  • The required waste material and stationery like scissors, thread, etc. should be brought by the
  • Waste material could be anything like tetra packs, bottles, newspapers, old utensils, jute material, or
    any second-hand items that otherwise would be thrown away.
  • The material would be rejected if not found to be a waste product or a second-hand item.
  • No ready or semi-finished model or matter would be accepted by participants in the competition.
  • Participants will be judged on Creativity, Utilization of Resources, Artistic composition & Design, Eco-friendly rating, Utility of the Product, and Overall Presentation.
  • No mobile or Internet means would be allowed to use at the time of the Competition.
  • The decision of the judges will be considered final.
  • List of the materials that can be used in the Best out of waste competition event.


1st – 5,000
2nd– 3,000
Registration Fees: Rs.100

Materials Allowed


Ice cream spoon sticks, straws
Worn out Clothes, curtains
Carton packages- Card board, tetra pack, book cover
Coke bottles, tin cans
Newspaper, old magazines, foil paper, soap packets
Shells- coconut, walnut, groundnut, eggs, etc
Tetra packs
Jute – rope, bags, hand fan
Cds and DVDs
Old utensils
Disposables- plates, glass, spoons, bowls

Judging Criteria


  • Eco-Friendly: Minimum harm in the atmosphere.
  • Theme/ Design: Ability to develop & present in form of an object.
  • Waste material used: Optimum use of waste material.
  • Presentation: Detail of the materials used and proper functional explanation of the design.
  • Utility: For a sustainable co-existing ecosystem.


Total Duration of the competition = 3 Hours


Venue: School of Science, Second Floor, SOP Building

Faculty Co-ordinators :


Dr. Jyoti Tomar,

+91 8770186195,


Prof.Shubham Mehta,

+91 8780065952,

Student Co-ordinators :


Rudrakumar Bhatt,

+91 9875026033,


Pushti Patel,

+91 6357160904,

1. Scan QR Code and pay registration fees using any payment app.
2. Take a screen shot of payment receipt.
3. Scan QR Code for registration form, fill it and upload payment receipt.

Registration QR Code

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