Illuminati 2024

Illuminati 2024

An Entrepreneurship Mushroom Cultivation

Day 2

  • Introduction
  • Basics of Mushroom Cultivation
  • Hands-On Cultivation
  • Business Essentials
  • Economic Viability
  • Scaling Up
  • Success Stories and Q&A

Time : 10:30 am to 01:30 pm



1st – 20,000
2nd– 8,000
Registration Fees: Rs.200

Benefits of attending this workshop:


Entrepreneurship in mushroom cultivation is a promising venture due to the rising demand for nutritious and eco-friendly food. With low initial investment and space requirements, entrepreneurs can tap into a growing market interested in the health benefits of mushrooms. Diversification through different varieties and cultivation methods offers opportunities for success in both culinary and health-conscious markets.

Faculty Co-ordinators :


Shubham Mehta,

+91 8780065952,


Dr. Praval Chauhan ,

+91 7869577587,

Student Co-ordinators :


Harshi Jain,

+91 7600605751,

B.Sc. Sem-4


Vaidehi Prajapati,

+91 9998186047,

B.Sc. Sem-4

Name of Resource Person :


Ms. Nisha Niranjan,

v& n Organic

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